Inverted and Flat Nipple Treatments

Have inverted nipples or flat nipples been a problem in the past to nursing a baby? Maybe it is only a cosmetic concern; either way, you will find help here!!!

About 5-8% of the population have inverted nipples and men can be just as affected as women. Flat nipples are even more common.

It is best for treatment to start at puberty, but individuals of any age can find help for this delicate problem. Please let me know prior to purchasing if this is for an adolescent. There are special precautions needed and I prefer to discuss them personally with the parent.

Physicians do not know about many of the treatments available, nor do they discuss the inversion with their clients. To them, it is a variation of normal and since they have very little information to share, it is ignored. They may question if the inversion is congenital verses something that has recently occurred. If it is congenital, they will usually not be concerned. It would be great if all obstetricians did thorough exams of nipples on all their patients because regardless of age, many would benefit from treatment.

How do you determine if you have flat or inverted nipples?

It will be obvious on many people just by looking at the nipple....if it doesn't protrude  or has blended into the areola, it would be considered flat, if it is hid inside where a hole is where the nipple should be, then it would be considered flat or inverted.

Even if your nipples look normal, you could still have nipples that will retract when stimulated, so do this test to determine if your nipples are inverted or flat:  place your thumb and index finger on the areola and compress. If the nipple retracts or inverts into the breast, then treatment may be needed before breastfeeding and it is best to start treatment before pregnancy or early in pregnancy since correction can take some time.

Babies are suppose to breastfeed, not nipple- feed, so some women will have no difficulty nursing a baby with flat or inverted nipples. Many times after nursing, the nipples will be corrected from the baby nursing, especially if the mother nurses for a long period of time. Most women will have difficulty, so early treatment is recommended. If treatment has not started before pregnancy, then it should be started ASAP.

What treatments are available for flat or inverted