Avent Niplette- For Breastfeeding Needs or Cosmetic Correction for Inverted Nipples

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The Avent Niplette is an excellent product to help treat inverted nipples and currently it is only available in one size. While it is not always simple and painless to use, it can be when used under the supervision of a health care provider that is knowledgeable about the product. The device can be used by women or men of any age.  It uses the principle of tissue expansion, achieved in this case through long term suction to stretch the lactiferous ducts.  It is worn inside the bra during the day or night. Our company has extensive experience with the Niplette and provide product support for FREE when it is purchased directly through us. If you have purchased your product elsewhere, but purchase support products for the Niplette with us, then we also provide free support for the Niplette.  We are happy to assist everyone, but this is something that we do charge for if an item was not purchased from this website or www.motheringfromtheheart.com.

The speed of correction achieved depends on the degree of inversion, the state of the individual's muscle tissue and the rate of wear.  A permanent correction is normally achieved in about three months of continuous use.  Ideally, it should be worn in 8 hour periods per day or night.  Should any later tendency to retract be seen, the Avent Niplette can be safely applied again from time to time.

The Avent Niplette consist of a transparent nipple mould with a sealing flange, attached to a valve and a syringe port.  It works by applying gentle suction to the inverted nipple.  When held over the nipple, air can be withdrawn from the mould using the small syringe, and the inverted nipple is 'sucked out' into the thimble. The degree of suction is controlled by the woman herself, depending on what is comfortable.

The Avent Niplette works because sustained suction gently stretches the lactiferous ducts which hold the nipple 'in'. 

Until recently, the only effective method of correction was surgery involving sectioning of the lactiferous ducts under anesthetic.  Though surgery achieves cosmetic correction, it effectively destroys breast function and therefore rules out breastfeeding for good and many times the surgery is not permanent.  High costs also make it a less than ideal solution. With the Avent Niplette, duct division is not needed, therefore breast function is not altered and breast-feeding is possible!

Other traditional treatments have involved the use of 'breast shells or 'Hoffman's exercises' that are not as effective nor permanent.

Flat or inverted nipples can be a potential problem for women wishing to breastfeed. The unique and revolutionary Avent Niplette, invented by a leading UK plastic surgeon provides a permanent cure.

Through gentle suction the Niplette pulls the nipple out into a small plastic thimble-like cup. In a matter of one to three months of continued wear the nipple will stay permanently erect.

Ideally, the Avent Niplette should be used before you become pregnant. However, if your breasts are not too sensitive, it can also be used in the first six months of pregnancy by women who are concerned that they might find breastfeeding difficult.

Alternatively you can use the Niplette for the first few days after delivery for a few minutes only before each feed. This will pull your nipple out so that your baby can latch on more easily and breastfeeding can be established.

Once your milk comes in fully, the Avent Niplette will not stay on well enough to function. However, by then your baby will have become accustomed to latching on to your nipple and pulling it out for him or herself.

After the precious and important breastfeeding experience is complete, the Niplette can be used to achieve a permanent correction.




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