Avent Niplette - Helpful Suggestions when using the Niplette

While the good news is that the Niplette works well for treating nipples, the bad news is that it does have a tendency to come off easily.  In order for it to be therapeutic, it does need to stay on during the treatment time.

 Many women have found that when using the Avent Niplette, it will stay on much easier with the use of a specific kind of  Shell  for sore nipples. These 'Protective Covers' are worn over the Niplette inside the bra and will prevent it from dislodging easily and it will even help it to stay in place overnight while sleeping. It will also allow for more discreet use of the Avent Niplette. With tighter clothing, the Niplette can show through, but the Covers give a more rounded appearance.  When ordering, there is an option to add the Covers in the drop down menu.  Not everyone will have difficulty keeping the Avent Niplette on, but if you find it comes off and needs reapplying often, then I strongly recommend the Covers. 

The Breast Shells for inverted nipples and other shells for sore nipples willl not work because the opening is smaller and it will not accommodate the Avent Niplette.  Using a small amount of  ointment on the nipple before applying the Niplette will help with the elasticity of the nipple, aid in creating a better seal, and provide for greater comfort. (Avent discourages the use of petroleum based products on the nipple while wearing the Niplette.) The ointment is also available as an option on the drop down menu when ordering.

When wearing the Avent Niplette for the first time, please start out with minimal suction and gradually increase over time and wear for a few hours and build up the time you are wearing it. Some women have had tenderness from wearing extended periods the first time and from using too strong of suction.

If the Avent Niplette has been worn as directed and the desired results have not been obtained by three  months, then Avent states that permanent correction may not be possible and they do not recommend continuing to try for correction after three months. It may be used from time to time to keep the results if your nipple has a tendency to retract again. I have had clients though that did not achieve correction in three months, and with continued use, they were able to go to a maintenance schedule after six months.

When you do obtain the results that you are wanting from the Avent Niplette, do not discard the product because there may be occasions that it will need to be used again. Or if after the initial treatment you may prefer the 'Maintenance Kit' for correction. It is a device similar to the Niplette that is much easier to use. Contact me about this option: phone: 256-528-7953 or email me  marshabearden@live.com




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