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The Avent Niplette is a non-invasive device developed for the permanent correction of flat or inverted nipples.  The Single Unit kit contains 1 thimble shaped mold with 1 tube, and 1 syringe. The Twin Pack contains 2 thimbles, 2 tubes and 2 syringes. Purchase a Twin Pack if you need to treat both nipples.  The Avent Niplette is worn for eight hours a day and keeps constant suction on the nipple to keep it protruded. This device is the most aggressive treatment available for flat or inverted nipples, and is much more effective than Breast Shells for  inverted nipples. (May be used through the seventh month of pregnancy under the consultation of your doctor.) It can't be used for permanent correction while lactating because the milk produced during lactation will nullify the seal and effectiveness of the Avent Niplette, but it can be used for a few minutes before latching the baby on to help draw out the nipple. If you are currently pregnant, please inform your obstetrician that you are using the device. 

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